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MADNESS – Live at the Astoria 2007

16 septiembre, 2010

CD1: 01 One Step Beyond02 Embarrassment03 The Prince04 NW505 My Girl06 Tomorrows Just Another Day07 Bingo08 Sun & The Rain09 Return Of The Los Palmas 710 Lets Go11 Shut Up12 Iron Shirt13 Bed & Breakfast Man14 Sugar & Spice CD2: 01 Grey Day02 Lovestruck03 Forever Young04 House Of Fun05 Wings Of A Dove06 Baggy Trousers07 […]

Statuto – E’ Già Domenica

1 septiembre, 2010

01. Amici (Davvero) 02. Bella Come Il sole 03. Controcalcio 04. E’ Già Domenica 05. Una Città Per Cantare Feat. Ron 06. Un Elegante Gioco Da Salotto 07. O Fortuna 08. Rabbia&Stile 09. Canterai (Canterò) 10. Io Salgo 11. Per Non Fare Male 12. Pupazzo Di Neve 13. Un Ragazzo Come Me 14. Vamos A […]

Maskatesta – This is Ska

10 agosto, 2010

Pass: lazona2tonos.blogspot.com 01 I love you 02 Fresas en invierno 03 Sin pensar 04 Soledad 05 Happy 06 Siempre 07 No he podido 08 Pork Bear Man 09 Tu 10 Castillos de Juguete 11 Sunshine 12 Lo que yo te ame 13 40 years Lo mas nuevo de esta agrupacion que en esta ocacion, traen […]

Bombskare – A Fistful Of Dynamite

29 julio, 2010

01. A Fistful of Dynamite02. Beatriz03. Crime of the Century04. Hand of Fate05. Dont Give it All Away06. My Life in the Nineties07. Bondtrack08. Desayuno Con Carmela09. Damaged Goods10. World Turned Upside Down11. Rather Die12. Beatriz (Slight Return)13. Panic Button14. Force Ten From Navarone Bueno pues un disco de una banda de Escocia que por […]

Five Letters – Yellow Nights 7"

29 julio, 2010

A – Yellow Nights, Losing My TimeB – Crazy Man (Part 2) Disco creado en 1980 aproximadamente. Solo dos cancioncitas, el porque es porque corre el rumor que su musica es bastante aburrida y que no le gusta a la gente y bla bla bla. Pero la verdad es que estas dos canciones si estan […]

Mark Foggo´s Skasters – MAD

6 julio, 2010

01 The Day I Met Muhammad Ali 02 Caravans03 Bang Me Head04 Rotten To The Core05 Cybergirl06 Jump That Gate07 Sugarlover08 Watch The Clock09 Punch10 Rollin ‘n Ridin11 EU 12 What It Feels Like Una de mis bandas favoritas. lo habia querido subir desde hace como 20 dias pero nomas no podia con esto de […]

John Player Specials – Identification

28 mayo, 2010

01 Knocking On Wood02 Future Of Tomorrow03 Bad Town04 Identification05 Written In Stone

The Skalatones – Y2K Anniversary Single

28 mayo, 2010

01 Y2SKA02 Rude Boy Ska (Bob Marley)03 Tune In(terview)

Skanic – Last Call

28 mayo, 2010

01 Eyesore02 Yard Duty03 Lovin’04 Love City05 Closet Case06 Czar07 Breed08 Chaos09 Last Call10 Don’t Dance Too Hard11 Fine Mess12 Temper13 Outro

Skanic – Skanic Ruff Up The Suspect

28 mayo, 2010

01 Work02 Mexico03 Green Friend04 Uncle Frank05 Howboutit?06 Beautiful Girl07 Loser08 Forget About You09 Psychotraction10 Headstrong11 Standard

Skanic – Skanic

28 mayo, 2010

01 Eyesore02 Temper03 Closet Case04 Fine Fine Mess05 Yard Duty06 Racist Cop07 Lovin’08 Freeway09 Hillbilly

The Bakesys – Self Titled

28 mayo, 2010

01 Sex Freaks02 The Lick03 Looking For Love04 Life So Tuff05 Confused06 Open All Hours07 Animated Violence08 Days Gone By09 Grass Is Greener10 Life So Dub

Skinnerbox – What You Can Do, What You Can’t

28 mayo, 2010

01 Pushing It02 You Knock The Wind Out Of Me03 Baby04 No More05 Nex Finga06 Stay At Home07 2-Face08 Does He Love You?09 Ditch Digger10 Motherfucker11 Feeling Small12 Twisted And Bent13 This A New York14 Down And Around15 Addiction16 Pass The Chalawa17 Vinny Stigma Con este disco se completan los 3 Cd’s de Skinnerbox.

Skinnerbox – Special Wind

28 mayo, 2010

01 Club 6802 Addiction03 Don’t Judge A Book04 Red Eye05 Jump Dung06 Falafel Hoummous07 Sing Love08 Ragamuffin Dub09 Help Me10 Merry Juan11 Move Like Ya Gone12 Promise13 Sunken Treasure14 Out of Time15 Right Side16 L.K.O.-Scatta17 Tax It Twice18 Danny’s Duelin’

Mobster – The Knee Jerk Reaction

28 mayo, 2010

01 This Fire02 I Could Be Wrong03 High & Dry04 A Thin Blue Line05 Rudies Are The Greatest06 One Eyed & Brainless07 Sleepwalkers08 My Lucky Day09 Sleeping With The Cynics10 Nose To The Grindstone11 Down Memory Lane12 Stupido13 The Gambit

Hub City Stompers – Mass Appeal

27 mayo, 2010

01 Trojan Night02 Latina Rose03 Mass Appeal04 Sum Of 305 Suffer The Children

Hub City Stompers – Blood, Sweat, And Beers

27 mayo, 2010

01 Tocatta and Droog02 Wholottamulatto03 Chatterbox04 Bridge Over Troubled Squatter05 Hey Kid06 Respect07 Little Julie Swastiska08 Ordinary Guy09 Sum of 310 Hate to Say11 Everytime12 Night of the Living

Arthur Kay & The Originals – Live In Berlin

17 mayo, 2010

1-Silly Haircut2-Limehouse Lady3-King Of The Jungle4-Colmer Road Kids5-Mardi Gra On A Saturday Night6-Ska Wars7-George Marshall8-Making Tents9-New Leader10-Play My Record11-Bad Guy12-Americans13-The Count Of Clerkenwell A mi pareser este es una joyita… Disco de 1995 shhhh completando poco a poco la discografia de esta banda. Otor s tres discos tambien estan en esta pag asi que solo […]

Club 99 – Taxi Driver

15 mayo, 2010

Pass: lazona2tonos.blogspot.com1 Intro 2 Spacciatore di Cacao – Zambiasi 3 Il Circo di Liana – Maffei 4 Club99 – Zambiasi 5 Taxi Driver – Callice 6 Z-Dub – Zambiasi 7 Streetlife – Zambiasi 8 Razmataz Of Showbiz – Callice 9 Bolivia – Zambiasi 10 Nebraska – Zambiasi 11 By The Way – Zambiasi 12 Skambio […]

Capone And The Bullets – Capone And The Bullets

3 mayo, 2010

Pass: lazona2tonos.blogspot.com 1-Godfather2-As Time Goes By3-Babylon Is Burning4-Paranoid Zone5-Johnny Dangerously6-Today7-Dance The Blues Away8-Sunglasses9-El Loco10-Mystery Creo ke llegaron a tocar con Laurel Aitken y The Special Beat entre otros. tiene una influencia muy marcada de 2tone grandes admiradores de este ritmo en particular y de todo el movimiento. este cd es de los años 90′ si […]

The Upbeat – Backyard Knowledge

3 mayo, 2010

Pass: lazona2tonos.blogspot.com 01. J.D. Gretchen02. 17 @ 1703. Space Case04. Lies & Greed05. Going Through the Motions06. Highway 12607. Shit Creek08. Behave09. Sitting on the Hill10. She Go11. Justice?12. Evol Man13. Backstabber14. Grumpy15. Shut Up!16. Treasures Disco del 2009 esta banda ya tien un buen rato tocando y dandole al ska. tienen una gran influencia […]

Suggs – The three pyramids club

2 mayo, 2010

01 I Am02 So Tired03 Straight Banana04 Invisible Man05 Sing06 Girl07 Greatest Show On Earth08 Our Man09 On Drifting Sand10 Three Pyramids Club

Suggs – Christmas EP

2 mayo, 2010

01 The Tune02 Sleigh Ride03 Alright

Suggs – The Lone Ranger

29 abril, 2010

1. I’m Only Sleeping2. Camden Town 3. Alcohol 4. 4am 5. Tune6. Cecilia 7. Haunted 8. Off On Holiday 9. Green Eyes 10. Fortune Fish 11. She’s Gone Trabajo del vocalista de Madness en esta ocacion como solista. el disco es de coleccion y en la tuya no puede faltar…… THIS IS SKA

Agent 99 – Little Pieces 1993-1995

22 abril, 2010

01 Get A Grip02 Walk03 Words04 Little Pieces05 You Already Know06 Kingston On My Mind07 urder For Rent (Record Exec Mix)08 Elektra09 Little Rude Riding Hood10 Biggest Boy11 River Cobain12 Murder For Rent (Punk Rock Mix)13 Happy?14 Back To The Underground15 Look At You Now16 Alzheimerska/Get A Grip17 Little Rude Riding Hood18 Theme19 Sweet Dreams […]