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Doreen Shaffer – Adorable You (Studio One)

18 octubre, 2010

1-Try A Little Smile 2-Sugar, Sugar 3-Respect Due 4-I Don’t Know Why 5-The Vow 6-Adorable You 7-Welcome You Back Home 8-My Love Forgive Me 9-I Need Your Loving 10-Make It Tonight 11-This Love 12-Behave Yourself 13-Some To Some Don’t 14-Father Free Us OooH que excelente disco de esta grande,  que digo grande, enorme señora del […]

The Israelites – Holy Of Holies (2010)

6 julio, 2010

01 Holy of Holies02 How Great thou art03 Amazing grace04 Jehovah Jireh05 Emanuel06 Holy Medly07 I want to praise you lord08 As the deer09 Create in me10 Holy holy holy lord11 Jesus I love you12 Lord I lift your name on high Nuevo lanzamiento gracias a Dios!!! y lo digo asi puesto que esta banda […]

Giuliano Palma & The Bluebeaters – Combo

22 abril, 2010

Pass: lazona2tonos.blogspot.com 01. Per Una Lira 02. Sunny 03. Dentro Tutti I Miei Sogni 04. She’s Not There 05. Il Cuore E’ Uno Zingaro 06. Quanti Ricordi 07. From Russia With Love 08. Un Grande Sole 09. Lonely Summer Nights 10. L’Appuntamento (Gran cancion señores) 11. Love Potion N 9 12. Solo Te, Solo Me, […]

Tommy Mccook & Supersonics – Dynamite

20 abril, 2010

Pass: 2tonezone.blogspot.com 01 – dynamite 02 – ball a fire 03 – stampede 04 – testify 05 – wall street shuffleto 06 – nehru 07 – rock away 08 – black river 09 – duke’s reggae 10 – the village Disco resubido a peticion de alguien (Lauta). Tambien agregue una rola que me pidio…. Esta […]

Sessiones Reggae Instrumental – Nocturnece

25 noviembre, 2009

01 La música es dios02 Las plantas03 Barracas ska tango04 Barry white05 Al otro lado del mundo06 Nuevo ska07 RB reggae08 Romeo y julieta09 SRI10 Color de rosas11 Al otro lado del mundo (Dub)

Sessiones Reggae Instrumental – Martes Martini

25 noviembre, 2009

01 The Model (Kraftwerk)02 Isn’t she lovely (S. Wonder)03 Garota de Ipanema (Jobin – Moraes)04 Femme Fatal (Lou Red)05 On Broadway (Mann – Weil – Leiber – Stoller)06 Amarcord (Nino Rota)

Sessiones Reggae Instrumental – Vivo la de dios

25 noviembre, 2009

01 Historia/La Musica Es Dios02 Las Plantas03 Romeo y Julieta04 Barracas Ska Tango05 Color de Rosas06 Rudy07 Hipnótico Dub08 Soul09 Nuevo Ska10 Isn’t she lovely11 Femme Fatal12 El Vagabundo13 Cinco Minutos

Sessiones Reggae Instrumental – Reggae Instrumental Vol.1

25 noviembre, 2009

01 Secuela02 El Vagabundo03 Buen Viaje04 Hipnótico Dub05 Cinco Minutos06 Berlingo Suite07 Soul08 Tolerancia09 Adiós Adiós10 El Cazador11 El Espacio12 Cielo Cielo Sessiones nace de un proyecto experimental que el productor Raúl Bonade junto al guitarrista Luciano Espinosa emprenden para el estudio Tixa Records. El proyecto consistió en registrar las ideas del guitarrista para ser […]

The Valkyrians – The Beat of Our Street

4 octubre, 2009

01 – I Want to See Some Action02 – Hold on Rudy03 – Queen of Hearts04 – Not this Time05 – Bring Back the Reggae06 – The Beat07 – Val Kilmer08 – Make Up Your Mind09 – Reggae Allnighter10 – Taikonaut Reggae11 – Jail12 – C’mon Officer13 – Don’t Tell Me Lies14 – Too Drunk […]

Skandalous All-Stars – Punk Steady

15 septiembre, 2009

01 – 1969 (Iggy Pop)02 – Sailin’ On (Bad Brains)03 – I Wanna Be Sedated (The Ramones)04 – Anarchy in the U.K. (Sex Pistols)05 – Because the Night (Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith)06 – Living Dead (Plasmatics)07 – Orgasm Addict (Buzzcocks)08 – Rock the Casbah (The Clash)09 – Take the Skinheads Bowling (Camper Van Beethoven)10 – […]

N°1 Station – Boss Beat

7 septiembre, 2009

01 – Airstrip One02 – She’s So Sweet03 – Jackie Chan (South China Sea)04 – Best Friend (Ft. Ms Moretti and MC Boss)05 – Boss Beat06 – You Wanna Get Busy With Me (Ft. Persia)07 – Jiggy Reggae (Ft. MC Boss)08 – Russian Stylee (Ft. Stax)09 – Stop The Fighting10 – Friday Night (Ft. Ms […]

Rico Rodriguez – Trombone Man Anthology 1961-1971

4 septiembre, 2009

01. Magic – Duke Reid’s All Stars 02. Blues From The Hills – Duke Reid’s All Stars 03. Duck Soup – Drumbago’s Orchestra 04. London Here I Come – Rico’s Combo 05. Hitch And Scramble – Rico’s Combo 06. Orange Street – Rico & The Rudies 07. The Bullet – Rico & The Rhythm Aces […]

Superagente 86 – Ska Da-bu-ten

4 septiembre, 2009

01. Anacleto 02. Telephone Number 03. Knock On Wood 04. Confiésamelo 05. Perfidia 06. I’ll take you there 07. Flamingo Club 08. Latin Goes Ska 09. Tou’re Wandering Now 10. Memorias de Jamaica 11. Latin Lover 12. Oh Henry 13. 54-46 14. Shame & Skandal 15. Richard Kimball Es un disco con muy buen ska […]

Dandy Livingstone – Suzanne Beware Of The Devil

12 agosto, 2009

Pass: 2tonezone.blogspot.com01 Rudy, A Message To You02 Suzanne Beware of the Devil03 Reggae in Your Jeggae04 People Get Ready Let’s Do Rock05 Version Girl06 Think About That07 Take a Message Maria08 There is a Mountain09 Raining in My Heart10 Come Back Liza11 Doctor Sure Shot12 Build Your Love on a Solid Fou13 East of Suez14 […]

Ocean 11 – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

12 agosto, 2009

Pass: 2tonezone.blogspot.com 1 Housewive’s Choice2 Confucius3 Solid as a Rock4 Freedom Sounds5 Rules of Life6 From Russia with Love7 Rock Steady8 Let’s Start Again9 Song for My Father10 Can’t Forget About You11 Rockfort Rock12 Ska-Go-Mambo13 Take it Cheazy14 Night of the Dragon15 Be Thankful16 Hong Kong Low Rider17 Stone Boat18 Cairo East Pt. II Esta […]

Los 4 Vientos – Sentimental Rocksteady

12 agosto, 2009

Pass: 2tonezone.blogspot.com 01. La Ultima Vez02. Dijiste03. Si tu ya no me quieres04. Otra Vez estoy *05. Morir de Amor06. ¿Cómo decirtelo?07. No dejo de pensar en ti *08. Solo Tu09. Otra Oportunidad10. Olvidarte no he podido11. Ya no mientas12. Sueños Perdidos Muy buen disco de rocksteady como su nombre lo dice es muy sentimental […]

Alpha Boy’s’ School – Music in Education

12 agosto, 2009

1. Bertie King – Blue Lou2. The Joe Harriott Quartet – Just Friends3. Dizzy Reece & His Quintet – Now’s The Time4. Wilton Bogey Gaynair – Wilton’s Mood5. Don Drummond – Eastern Standard Time6. Tommy McCook – Rocket Ship7. Raymond Harper – Safari8. Jo Jo Bennett – Musical Pressure9. Vin Gordon – The Dirty Dozen10. […]

Pama International – Highrise Campaign

4 agosto, 2009

Pass: lazona2tonos.blogspot.com 01 Highrise ft Michie One02 Versionrise ft Dennis Alcapone03 To Have & Have Not Version ft Billy Bragg04 Breton Brutality (Wrongtom dub)05 Highrise (Mungos Hi Fi dubstep)06 No More Guns, Love Is Easy07 No More Guns (G.Corp dub)08 Do They Ever Wonder ft Jimmy Screech09 No More Instrumental Este cd es como una […]

Pama International – Dub Store Special EP

4 agosto, 2009

Pass: lazona2tonos.blogspot.com 01 Highrise ft Michie One02 Versionrise ft Dennis Alcapone03 To Have & Have Not Version ft Billy Bragg04 Breton Brutality (Wrongtom dub)05 Highrise (Mungos Hi Fi dubstep)06 No More Guns, Love Is Easy07 No More Guns (G.Corp dub)08 Do They Ever Wonder ft Jimmy Screech09 No More Instrumental Otro masPass: lazona2tonos.blogspot.com

Pama International – Trojan Sessions

3 agosto, 2009

Pass: 2tonezone.blogspot.com 1. Disobedient Children – Pama International & Rico Rodriguez2. Neither High Nor Dry – Pama International & Dennis Alcapone3. Betterment Blues – Pama International & Dawn Penn4. Life Is What Happens – Pama International5. It’s All About The Money – Pama International6. It Ain’t Funny – Pama International & Dave Collins/Ansell Collins7. I […]

Pama International – Love Filled Dub Band

3 agosto, 2009

Pass: 2tonezone.blogspot.com 1. Wherever You Lead 2. Lovely Wife 3. Highrise 4. Orgon Will Follow 5. Tomorrow News Today 6. Come As You Are 7. First Impression 8. Throwaway Society 9. Wonder Wonder10. Lovely Dub11. The Race For Inner Space12. Be My Guest Pass: 2tonezone.blogspot.com

Alton Ellis Meets The High Notes – Live In Amstelveen

31 julio, 2009

Pass: 2tonezone.blogspot.com 01. Announcing Rude Rich & the High Notes 02. China Town 03. Message To My Girl 04. From Russia With Love 05. Riding For A Fall 06. Why Oh Why 07. Queen of the Minstrel 08. Dancing Mood 09. Real Rock 10. Love And Affection 11. Soon You’ll Be Gone 12. ‘break’ 13. […]

The Skatalites – Ska Authentic Vol. 1

25 julio, 2009

Pass: 2tonezone.blogspot.com1. Lee Harvey Oswald2. Bridge View3. President Kennedy4. Furter East5. Ska In Vienna Woods6. You Are So Delightful7. Four Corners8. Scrap Iron9. Feeling Good10. Royal Flush11. Ball Of Fire12. Christine Kieler Pass: 2tonezone.blogspot.com

The Termites – Do The Rock Steady

25 julio, 2009

Pass: 2tonezone.blogspot.com01 – Do The Rock Steady02 – My Last Love03 – Sign Up04 – It Takes Two To Make Love05 – Attractive Girl06 – Beach Boy07 – Corporal Jones08 – Heartaches09 – Too Late Will Be Your Cry10 – Go Back To Your Country11 – Have Mercy Mr. Percy12 – Mommy Didn’t Know Pass: […]


25 julio, 2009

Pass: 2tonezone.blogspot.com 1. Tipi-Tin 2. Tuff Talk Pass: 2tonezone.blogspot.com